RSM General Fund

General Fund                                                                                          bluedonatenow

Your donations are used for the administrative and operational budgets, such as:

  • Utilities, and office supplies;
  • Securing venues for events;
  • Website hosting, design, and maintenance;
  • Free shipping for item donation bag/ box requests;
  • Receiving, pick-up, drop-off, and storage of products;
  • Cleaning, sorting, inspecting, and photographing of products;
  • Set-up of e-commerce pages, uploading images, and descriptions of products;
  • Design and production set-up fees of Custom Fundraising Campaign Products;
  • Financial institution fees; and labor and logistics management.

We ask people who can make a contribution to donate whatever extent they are able to afford.  We appreciate all our supporters who help us make a powerful, lasting change in other’s lives.  Thank you for supporting us.