Frequently Asked Questions, and Frequent Answers.


How do I donate to the Relief Support Mission?

There are a number of ways you can financially support the RSM.

  • Donate Online:  The easiest way to donate!  Monetary and Item donations, and membership dues are accepted through PayPal, and all major credit/ debit cards are accepted.  Visit our Monetary Donation page, or Item Donation page to donate.

  • Donate by Phone:  Contact us at 844-763-2776 to make a gift using your Credit/ Debit card.

  • Donate by Mail:  Send your check or money order, payable to ‘Relief Support Mission’, to P.O. Box 3086, Muskogee, OK  74402.

  • Donate in memory of someone:  A special way honor a loved one with a donation – by one of the above ways.

  • Employer-Matched Gifts:  A great way to increase your donation is with your employer’s help.  Many companies will match charitable donations, doubling or sometimes tripling your gift.  Some companies will match gifts made by retirees, spouses, children, and board members, and sometimes will even match your volunteer time with monetary contributions.

  • Sponsor Programs/ Events:  Whether your contribution is from an individual or a business, it deserves recognition.  You can elect to remain anonymous, or you can elect to be recognized for your donation of money and/or time.  By supporting a Program or Event, we will include your name, or your business’s name, in all our promotions.

What is the transaction Processing Fee RSM deducts for Monetary Donations?

It’s free to start and share a Fundraising Campaign; the Relief Support Mission will deduct a 5% administrative fee from each donation that you submit to a program/ campaign.  A small processing fee of about 3% will also be deducted.

Can I get a receipt for my donation?

The RSM will e-mail your receipt for your donation (monetary donations only). The RSM’s primary way to send receipts is by e-mail; with options of fax, or postal mail if e-mail is unavailable.

What do you mean by gently used items?

All items donated must be clean, serviceable (usable); with little signs of use (wear-n-tear). Items which are registered as “needs repair” must be inspected by an RSM representative and meet RSM standards before the items are accepted for donation. All clothing that we receive must be freshly cleaned and not be damaged in any way. This includes:

  • Fading

  • Pilling

  • Stretched or misshapen fabric

  • Stains or discoloration of any kind

  • Odors

  • Rips, holes, tears, snags, and runs in the fabric

  • Missing or damaged fasteners: buttons, zippers, ties, hooks, snaps, etc.

  • Shrinkage

  • Broken or stretched elastic in sleeves, waistbands, etc.

  • Holes, scuffmarks, or worn-through areas in shoes and boots

  • No decorations added after the item was purchased – including bedazzling, metal or rhinestone studs, fabric paints, embroidery, fringe, tie-dye, or beading.

Why won’t you take clothing with missing labels?

We use information on the labels to help determine the correct resale price for donated clothing. If we don’t know the manufacturer, we can’t accurately value its worth. We’ve also found people are reluctant to purchase clothing online that has a torn or missing label. Our goal is to sell as many items of clothing that we can to raise money for our programs and campaigns.


What can I raise funds for?

Most people use the RSM to raise money for school budgets, medical bills, disaster recovery, memorials, volunteer trips, youth sports, business projects, homeless persons, community restoration… and much more.  The possibilities are endless, and the Relief Support Mission supports any reasonable cause.

How do I get more people to help with our campaign drive?

Spread the word! Use email lists, social media, signage, your organization’s website, flyers, word-of-mouth – anything you can think of to spread the word about your campaign. The more people who sign up to donate for your drive, the higher the proceeds going back to your campaign. Want some help crafting an engaging email, fabulous Facebook Page design or a promotional post, terrific tweet and more?  Ask us!  We’re just an email or a phone call away, and we’d love to hear from you.  Read our RSM Guide to Kick-Start Your Campaign for more details.

What is the transaction processing fee RSM deducts for Monetary Donations?

It’s free to start and share your Fundraising Campaign; the Relief Support Mission will deduct a 5% administrative fee from each donation that you receive.  A small processing fee of about 3% will also be deducted.

Is it Safe?

The RSM Programs and Campaigns features the very best in secure payment encryption technology.  Not only are your online donations safe, your money is stored securely until your check is processed to be delivered.

Will we be notified when a check has been issued to our organization/ campaign?

If a check is issued to your campaign, we will let all registered participants know that it is on the way.

Can you tell me how much money my campaign is receiving?

When you start your campaign, we will build your Campaign Page with information and updates about your campaign.  If you want the option, we can display your Total Funds Raised and Fundraising Goal amounts on your page.  You can also contact us and we can give you an approximation of your current campaign funds according to the monies and items donated to your campaign. The RSM has a reliable logistics system that tracks donations, purchases, and shipping which enables us to let you know the current amount that your campaign will receive.

When will my campaign get the money?

We will issue checks to campaigns quarterly. There is a $25 threshold that each campaign must raise in order for the check to be released. If the threshold is not reached, the money raised will be rolled over to the next quarter.

Can I get the check made out to someone other than the campaign?

We created the RSM to help raise money for programs and campaigns, so the check will be sent directly to the campaign representative. If there is something in particular you want the funds to go toward; we recommend coordinating with the campaign representative so they know where to direct the money that has been raised.


What is the Relief Support Mission?

The Relief Support Mission is a DBA subsidiary of the Secular Ministries Foundation charity organization. The RSM manages fundraising campaigns and programs, by receiving monetary and product donations, and sells pre-used products on our website. Our fundraising services offer turnkey solutions for organizations, which turns both monetary contributions and quality consumer products into money for fundraising Programs.

What is the Secular Ministries Foundation?

The Secular Ministries Foundation is a 501 (c) (3) charity organization that is a separate organization from, but has interoperability with, Secular Celebrations Ministries LLC. The Secular Ministries Foundation is supported by public donations, contributing members and volunteers, and private funding resources. We welcome people from all walks-of-life, religious, non-religious, and secular, to be members of our humanitarian organization.

What is Secular Celebrations Ministries?

Secular Celebrations Ministries LLC is a company dedicated to providing Clergy and Catering services to people who are celebrating special events in their lives. SCM is an organization of ordained, experienced, non-denominational ministers who provide ministerial services for weddings, vow renewals, memorial services, children dedications, blessings, etc. SCM fills the need for people who do not have a religious affiliation or connection with a particular place of worship, or who do not personally know a minister, priest, rabbi or judge who can perform these services, or have a non-religious preference for their special event.  For more information, please visit the SCM website www.secularcelebrationsministries.com.


What’s different about shopping here?

Parents, friends, family, teachers, students, employees, and members of communities all around the country signed up to send us their no longer needed clothing and items so we can sell it on their behalf. A percentage of the proceeds from every item that you purchase will be given to the designated program. When you purchase products from RSM, you are directly supporting our communities.

Is it Safe?

The RSM Shop features the very best in secure payment encryption technology.  Not only are your online payments safe, your money is stored securely for the campaign to which the funds are being donated.

Where do the products come from?

People took the time to start a campaign online at RSM, so that others could donate products to be sold online. We have drop-off locations, and we also send donors a bag/ box, they filled it with the remarkable products, and then sent it back to us – free of charge. Because of their generosity, you get to shop for excellent products at excellent prices!

What if I want more information on an item I see on your site?

Just contact us! It is our pleasure to look up the item for you and give you any additional information that might be available. What types of payment do you accept? We accept PayPal, and all major credit cards.

What types of payment do you accept?

We accept PayPal, and all major credit cards.

How long before my order arrives?

Orders ship quick-fast-and-in-a-hurry!  They will be on their way to you in 1-3 business days from the purchase date. Depending on which shipping method you selected at checkout, your order will arrive a number of days after processing, depending on the mail carrier.

  • Standard Shipping – usually arrives in 10-14 days.

  • Ground Shipping – usually arrives in 3-6 days.

  • Two day Shipping – usually arrives in 2-4 days (Contact us for details and shipping rates).

You will receive an order confirmation email, and a shipping confirmation email complete with tracking information once your package is on its way. As package volume and severe weather increases, so can the time required to get your order(s). Please use the above estimates as guidance. You can always reach us at (844) 763-2776 or customersupport@reliefsupportmission.com with questions or issues.

What do you charge for shipping?

Shipping for orders of non-bulk items totaling $100 or more (before tax) is free!  We offer the following shipping options.

  • Local Delivery/ Pick-up:  This option will appear at checkout, if you live within a 30 mile radius of Muskogee, OK.

  • Standard/ Ground Shipping:  $5.99 for the first pound, and $0.99 for each additional pound.

  • Two-day shipping is available upon request for an expedited shipping rate – contact us for details.

Orders will usually arrive within 3-14 business days!  You do the shopping; We will handle the rest.  We are unable to split your order between multiple destinations.  Please contact us if you have further shipping questions.

Will you ship my order anywhere in the world?

Currently, we can only ship orders to the continental United States. We cannot fulfill orders for Alaska, Hawaii, Guam, Puerto Rico, The U.S. Virgin Islands, American Samoa, or outside the U.S. We are continuously working on expanding our shipping locations!

What is your return policy?

One way we accomplish offering great prices and distributing maximum funds to our programs and campaigns is by selling all products and accessories as “Final Sale” items. Final Sale items are not eligible for return. Although we always do our best, and we want you to be satisfied with your purchase; we do miss a defect or ship the wrong size from time-to-time. If you receive an item that is not as described please let us know within 14 days of its receipt and we promise to do what we can to make it right.

Can I get a receipt for my purchase?

The RSM will e-mail your receipt for your purchase. The RSM’s primary way to send receipts is by e-mail; with options of fax, or postal mail if e-mail is unavailable.


How do I get started as a Volunteer?

To participate as a Volunteer, you must be an RSM Member (group membership packages available for qualifying volunteer groups). Our members vary from new to seasoned volunteers; from youth to mature.  The prerequisite of being an RSM Member helps volunteers meet the requirements for the Program/Event they wish to volunteer for.  To get started, please complete our Member/Volunteer Request Form on our Join page. Membership MUST be current (renewed annually) to continue to participate in programs/ events.  Annual Dues are $25.00 for 1 year of membership.

Once a membership is approved, RSM will send a Volunteer Application to complete and return at least 10 business days in advance of the day you would like to volunteer.  We welcome volunteers who need community service hours for school and organization requirements.  Volunteers under the age of 16 must have a parent or guardian sign their form.  For more information on volunteer opportunities, or to speak with someone directly, please call 844-763-2776, or email volunteer@reliefsupportmission.com.

Is there an age requirement for volunteering?

Many families want to instill community service values in their children by sharing a volunteer experience together.  We are a ‘kid-friendly’ organization and age requirements of volunteers is dependent on the Program or Event the volunteer wants to participate in.  Volunteers younger than 16 years old are required to be accompanied by a responsible adult (18 years old or older).  Individual volunteers over 16 years of age do not need to be accompanied by an adult.

Can I just show up?

No.  All volunteers must be scheduled in advance.  This helps us know how many volunteers to expect so we can plan accordingly.

What’s the appropriate volunteer attire?

Volunteers are encouraged to dress in casual, comfortable clothing; and for Select SFM/RSM Programs and Events; volunteers are provided RSM T-shirts.  After you are approved as a volunteer, you will be advised of the clothing requirements and dress code for the program/ event you want to participate in.

What should I do in inclement weather?

The RSM follows the closing schedule of the local Public Schools for days of inclement weather. The RSM headquarters will keep all volunteers informed of program/ event schedule changes.  If in doubt, call us.

What if I have to cancel?

If you must cancel your volunteer time, email volunteer@reliefsupportmission.com, or call us at 844-763-2776.  We appreciate a 24-hour notice of cancellation for volunteers.

Can someone come talk to my group about volunteer opportunities?

YES!  If you would like a SMF/RSM representative to come to your business, civic group, club or organization, school or church, we would love to schedule a time to speak with your group!  Please call 844-763-2776, or email volunteer@releifsupportmission.com to schedule a volunteer presentation.