Our fundraising services offer turnkey solutions for organizations to have inter-operability with RSM resources, which turns both monetary contributions and quality consumer products into money for fundraising Programs.

Our Mission
The Relief Support Mission believes in fairness and equality for everyone. Our motto, “Helping those who need help”, requires a collective effort of fresh ideas to provide the finest services. Keeping with our philosophy “Mission First – People Always“, the RSM welcomes people from all walks-of-life to be members of our humanitarian organization to provide positive and effective services and relief solutions to the public.

Our Values
Everything we do, we believe in challenging the status quo – we believe in thinking differently.  The RSM provides the best fundraising options by building trust, and a strong customer-organization relationship.  Our mission requires a collective effort of fresh ideas to provide the finest services for everyone. We are dedicated to creating positive change in the lives of people who simply need support through several of RSM outreach programs.

Our Supporters
There are many ways to support the RSM, such as being a board member, attending meetings, offering a monetary donation, volunteering time or talent for an RSM Event or Program, or participating in a community Campaign. Your generosity can make a difference.  However you choose to contribute, you can get the reward of celebrating a commitment to making a difference by joining the Relief Support Mission.