The Relief Support Mission gives people the opportunity to invest their money, items, and time toward creating the change they want to see in the world.  We do this by managing fundraising campaigns and programs, coordinating volunteer efforts, receiving donations, and selling pre-used products on our website for up to 90% off retail, with free shipping on purchases of $100 or more.

Achieve Your Fundraising Goal Quick and Easy with RSM!

  • The valuable support you get when you Start an RSM Campaign!
    • Your Personalized Campaign Page.
    • Campaign Product Drive Assistance.
    • Raising Funds with Item & Monetary Donations.
    • Designing & Selling Custom Campaign Apparel with Your Logo.
    • Ready-to-Post Campaign Facebook or Twitter Page Set-up.
    • Fundraising Campaign Management Assistance.
    • Professional Fundraising Guidance, Ideas, and Suggestions.
    • Read our RSM Guide to Kick-Start Your Campaign.
  • People can make monetary donations, participate in a program as a volunteer, or donate gently used products at a Product Drive, or by mail from home with free shipping, which allows them to contribute to the fundraising Program.
  • Organizations can track their Campaign’s progress on their very own Campaign Page, providing funds for such areas as: Community Improvements, Family Emergencies, School Programs, Employee Assistance, and Community Disaster Relief.

Start supporting RSM today as a volunteer (Join page); as a financial contributor, (Donate page); or book an organization-wide drive online (Start Your Campaign page).  Any organization in the continental United States can participate.